A museum accessible to all


We welcome all the members of the public whatever the physical abilities, and the museum is engaged in the ‘Tourism and Disability’ certification process. In addition we have implemented several features to facilitate access to space and content.



Disability Access


The museum is on one level, so it is perfectly accessible by wheelchair from the car park to the exhibition spaces. It also has a bathroom suitable for the disabled.

Folding stools are available free at the reception. To ensure the comfort of visitors, we recommended that groups of people with wheelchairs are composed of up to 5 to 6 people.



For people with mental disabilities


An illustrated guide is available at reception. This guide allows you to discover the museum exhibits and Prehistory.

You can download this document: RIGHT HERE

A touch case is available at the reception. It will help visitors discover many exhibits on display by touch.

If you would like a personalized welcome, we recommended you book your visit in advance so that a guide can introduce you to the museum



For people with visual disabilities


Guide dogs are allowed on the entire site.

A visitor's guide is available at the reception. This high-contrast guide is accompanied by a map of the museum in relief and captioned in Braille.

You can download this document: RIGHT HERE



For people with hearing loss


The museum reception is equipped with a magnetic loop for hearing aids and a sound amplifier for those with impaired hearing.

Guided tours are available in LSF (contact us 2 months in advance, interpreting costs to be borne by the Group).



Useful information


Entrance free for people with disabilities.

Visitors are met by staff with a personal awareness of different forms of disabilities.

Various support documents are available free; please make a request at the museum reception.


The museum team is on hand to welcome you in every way. For any questions or a reservation,

please contact us on  05 61 90 90 72.